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A primary principal of the Beach Town Brokers team is that success in business comes down to quality service and integrity. We strive to deliver at the highest level as we help our clients to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions.

We evaluate, advise, facilitate and execute on multi faceted and unique plans for a variety of objectives including: marketing, negotiation, strategic analysis, site selection, investigative due diligence, financing, deal structure, valuation and investment analysis, regulation, development, construction, transaction management and just about everything in between.

Our team consists of experts in both commercial and residential real estate and we welcome the opportunity to share our expertise. Delivering quality results that are worthy of recommendation to others is the way we stay in business, and we plan to do so for a long time.

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We were put in contact with Kenneth by my sister-in-law, who is also a real estate professional.
From our first conversation with him, we were impressed by Kenneth's work ethic, knowledge of
the area market, and honesty. He worked quickly and thoroughly on our behalf. We followed
Kenneth's advice to the letter and, with his help and guidance, our property sold very quickly. I
am positive I would recommend Kenneth Fisher to anyone looking for real estate in the
Wilmington area.

Kenneth is very knowledgeable on the area with great local contacts. High integrity which is
very important to me. It is a tough process when selling a house and Kenneth puts others before
himself. I also created a friend in the process. I would recommend Kenneth to my friends and
family not just to others.- Mark W.

I am a type of person who is very selective and careful with any seller such as a car salesman and
agents including real estate agent. When first time I met Kenneth, I had a lot of tough questions.
He answered all my questions. He is very professional in his business. We communicated each
other a lot. He is very responsive and helpful in every way. Also he has tremendous patience.
After many months, finally we got a house as we wanted. Basically Kenneth spent a lot of time
with me throughout the process making sure that we thoroughly checked everything out on the
house that we could. Through this experience I am very happy to highly recommend Kenneth
Fisher to anyone who is seeking or selling home.- D.B.

Mr. Fisher is an excellent real estate agent. His expertise and high level of communication skills
made our selling and buying experiences go very smoothly. We were very impressed with his use
of current technologies in the real estate market. All our questions and concerns were addressed
in a patient and timely manner. Also, Kenneth brought to our attention many items that we would
have never considered otherwise. We were confident that our interests were always at the top of
his priorities. We highly recommend Kenneth Fisher!

Award Winning Service